Tony Capparelli, as LESTESIE, made many people dance on his club hit “The ritual”, fully part of the famous Ibiza club Amnesia promotional clip, gathering more than 5 millions hits on Youtube.
DHEEVA is the alliance of Charles Farewell (also known as ASURA) and Tony Capparelli (aka LESTESIE). Charles Farewell, as ASURA, is one of the biggest names in ambient and psybient musics. His first album, Code Eternity, marks the beginning of Psybient as a full genre, and so marks a milestone in this kind of electronic music.
Alliance of Farewell and Lestesie, DHEEVA produces Psytrance, goa trance, full on and progressive trance.

According to Hinduism or Zoroastrianism, the Devas represent the good, and the Asuras the bad, or… exactly the opposite! 

Their ambiguous state figures out the dilogy in DHEEVA music, between Light and Shadow, Calmness and Hysteria, Evanescence and Power.

2019 – Art photos by Alain Grosclaude –